03 May 2010

mobile phone trends in 2010!!!

It is the trends of mobile phones in 2010. These are based on the technological developments in 2009.

The Year of Android Mobile Phones:
The latest trend we witness now is ‘Android technology’. The CES 2010 showcased numerous yet-to-launch android mobile phones, including Motorola Blackflip (the Best CES 2010 smartphone), Google Nexus One (The Google phone), LG GW620 (LG’s first android mobile phone), Lotus Elite, Rumour Touch, Xperia X10 to Casio Brigade. Moreover, most Android mobile phones are showing their faces at the Mobile World Congress in February.

The Year of Applications and Services:
Thousands mobile phone applications are on its way to market. It seems users have to spend much on app downloads and services.

The Year of Green:
The ‘Living Greener’ concept will grow further in mobile phone territory. Manufacturers like Sony Ericsson have already declared their plans to make all their mobile phones green by 2011. They have launched a few, such as ‘Elm‘and ‘Hazel‘. New renewable sources of power and methods to save energy will be implemented in mobile phone batteries.

The Year of Mobile Banking and Mobile Coupons:
Because of Wonga iPhone Loan App, mobile phones are becoming a banking machine as well. Already, the trend of accessing the account details, text message alerts from bank and so on are popular. This trend will increase further and the age during which the people prefer to make payments using mobile phones are not too far.

The Year of GPS Phones:
With the arrival of Google Maps Navigation, the hope of free sat navigation apps raised further.
The Year when Web meets Phone:As the increase in the number of people using mobile phone to access web, mobile phone market will bring out more internet accessible mobile phones.

The Year of Smartphones:
Finally, 2010 will be a year of smartphones. The price of the smartphones will show a drastic fall and it will be a common gadget in every man’s hand.

These trends began its growth in 2009 and will show their prevalence in 2010. Even if any new inventions poke its head, it will remain for the accolades of 2011.

Reference: http://www.mobilephonereviews.org/article/mobile-phone-trends-of-2010/

30 April 2010

Mobile Phone Trend 2008 - 2010

27 April 2010

3 UK and T-Mobile's 3G Networks Get Bigger

T- Mobile UK and 3 UK are on course to complete their groundbreaking joint network infrastructure program. This program aims to establish the largest sharing network in Europe and will offer smartphone and dongle customers the biggest 3G coverage in the UK, and along with excellent levels of connection coverage and performance. This program finished by the end of 2010. More information, please link HERE.

To accomplish their plan, T- Mobile UK and 3 UK establish Mobile Broadband Network Ltd. (MBNL) through joint investment, and each invest 50% capital. MBNL will pool two sides 3G network infrastructure. The purpose was to be able to create Britain’s best 3G network more rapidly and more efficiently than either party could do alone.

Up till the present moment, the HSDPA 3G network already offers outdoor coverage to more than 90% of Britain’s population. By the end of this year, the network coverage will be expanded to more than 98% of the population.

Before consolidated, T- Mobile UK and 3 UK has a total of over 12,500 mast sites. And, MBNL will consolidate more than 7,000 sites out of total sites due to be brought together by October this year. When completed, the integration program will also mean more than 3,000 redundant sites will have been switched off.

Apart from consolidated, in order to reinforcing the network’s capacity, MBNL on behalf of T- Mobile UK and 3 UK has been agreed a new contract worth over £400 million with Nokia Siemens Networks recently. This will include the provision of 3G radio network infrastructure, mobile network planning, implementation, optimization and maintenance. The provision of equipment and services is already underway.


24 April 2010

Apple iPhone 4G

Apple employee Gray Powell has just made his 27th birthday unforgettable. On that day Gray left the prototype of iPhone 4G behind after celebrating his birthday at the Gourmet Haus Staudt bar, not far from the computer giant’s Cupertino, California headquarters.

The people who found the phone claimed it was logged into Powell’s Facebook account and the last post on the social networking site was said to be: ‘I underestimated how good German beer is.’ And, after that, this people sold it to the website of Gizmodo for $5,000 (£3,250). Gizmodo have published the pictures of the device online, the website, little known outside the hi-tech industry, has had more than three million hits in just 12 hours.

‘This may not be the final design for the next iPhone, but the fact that they built a fake case to make it look like the earlier iPhone.’ Brian Tong, editor for Cnet tech site, told ABC News. This phone had a camera with a flash on the back with a bigger lens than the existing iPhone for better photo quality.

This phone screen has an improved display with a higher resolution so that individual pixels are not distinguishable. It measures 114.3 x 58.7 x 9.4 mm and weighs about 140g, on the other hand, the 3GS weighs 135g. compared the battery, this phone battery volume expanded by about 16% in average. Another good news that the iPhone 4G is nearing release is the new 4.0 operating system, announced last week, which would incorporate feature such as multi-tasking into the current iPhone 3GS model.

How is the 4G different?
· Front-facing video chat camera
· Large lens on back-camera with flash
· Micro-SIM like iPad (safer and greater phonebook storage)
· Aluminium border around entire case
· 3-5 grams heavier
· 16% larger battery
· Smaller internal components

Reference: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1267295/Gray-Powells-lost-Apple-iPhone-4G-Gizmodo.html

20 April 2010

5 Mobile Stores in Preston

View Phone Store in a larger map

16 April 2010

Which is the better of X6 and iPhone 3GS?

The latest music phone from Nokia X6, it is similar to Apple iPhone on the many functions optimization, even the versions like iPhone are 8G and 16G, and so on. Which is the better of the two phones? Here is a brief analysis of Nokia X6 and iPhone 3GS.

Size and Weight: Nokia X6 measures 111 x 51 x 13.8 mm and weighs just about 122g including the battery. On the other hand, iPhone 3GS measures 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm and weighs 135g.
Winner: Tie. There is not much difference in the size or weight between the two phones as both are compact, light and fits easily in your trouser pocket even if you're wearing tight jeans.

Display: Nokia X6 offers 3.2-inch capacitive touchscreen with 640x360 pixel resolution display. On the other hand, iPhone 3GS boasts of a 3.5-inch capacitive multitouch screen with 480x320 pixel resolution display.
Winner: iPhone 3GS. iPhone 3GS has a bigger screen, which means it is more enjoyable to watch movies and browse on iPhone than on X6. However, Nokia X6 has a higher resolution display with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratios.

Camera: Nokia X6 boasts of a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, 4x digital zoom and dual LED flash. On the other hand, iPhone 3GS has a 3.15-megapixel camera with autofocus.
Winner: Nokia X6. Needless to say, it has a more powerful camera and it has useful features such as digital zoom and flash which iPhone lacks.

Connectivity and Wireless: Both the phones boast of 3G, WiFi, EDGE, GPRS and Bluetooth and both lack infrared port. However, a useful addition in Nokia X6 is inclusion of microUSB port which iPhone 3GS lacks. On the other hand, iPhone boasts of higher 3G speed.
Winner: Nokia X6. It has the useful microUSB port which iPhone lacks.

Multimedia feature: just the same on the multimedia feature. Both the phones have 3.5mm audio connector, but in the sound quality, X6 is in the upper hand.
Winner: Nokia X6. After all Nokia X6 is a music phone.

Operating system: Nokia X6 runs on Symbian Series 60 (5th edition) platform while iPhone 3GS runs on the proprietary iPhone OS 3.0.
Winner: About this feature should be according to individual preferences, I think Nokia X6 is a winner; it supports multitasking. In other words, with X6 you can open a dozen application windows, download a music track and take call at the same time without encountering any lag or freeze.

Conclusion: iPhone is a first classical touchscreen phone, it has a great advantage in the aspect of software. I have used iPhone for a period of time, it has a app store in the phone, from there, I can download a lot of softwares and games. Nokia X6 is a new phone out on the market. It is a music phone, I don’t like it. I think that phone is to calls number, send messages and the Internet several features, it is not worth use phone to listen music. This is something we have to watch out for, X6 has a capacitive display like iPhone, and this is the first capacitive phone of Nokia, maybe it has some defects. iPhone 3GS is the better choice of the two especially if you want a better messaging device with a bigger display and a more powerful processor. However, if you're looking for a music phone, X6 is the best device the market has to offer right now.

Reference: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/20091202/smartphone-shootout-nokia-comes-with-music-versus-iphone-3gs-one_1.htm



11 April 2010

Nokia X6 Preview Video